Saturday, May 17, 2008

we went to the park last night with some friends and their kids. it was a beautiful day. jackson had fun with our friends' 2 year old son, william. it's SO nice to have nice, sunny, warm weather.

today we're going to babys r us to get a baby gate. jackson's been on the move big time. he's turning into quite a climber. today he pulled himself up onto his feet! the basket i'm using to block the bathroom/bedrooms isn't going to cut it anymore. it's time to make sure we have everything baby proofed.

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Mands said...

You kid is so cute! My sister has problems with her youngest Sully with him getting into everything! Her oldest Jack, you could set in the room and he wouldn't move. Sully is always climbing the couch, TV stand...Trying to escape the prison of the living room!