Friday, December 19, 2008

a woods update

it's been awhile...we've been busy these last few weeks. as you know carter was born on december 1st. each day after his birth we had to take him to the doctor's for billirubin tests. he was coombs positive which means he was more likely to get jaundice and get it quickly. at the hospital his billirubin count was up, so we had to get it tested the next day. it was up the next day as well, so we had to go again and again. thankfully, by that friday the numbers were down and they said he was going to be just fine!
however, that night i realized he felt kinda hot. after taking his temp. and seeing that it was 100.3, i called the on-call nurse (which is what we were told to do if his temp was 100.3 or above.) she had me take his temp again and it was down to she said to just keep an eye on it. if it gets to 100.4 or higher she said we'd need to go to the er. well, we got to bed around midnight and i just had a feeling that carter wasn't doing so good. so about 30 minutes later i took his temp again and it was 101.1. i got eric up and we headed to the er. thankfully, jennie was still here so i woke her up and asked if she'd take care of jackson. we spent many hours in the er where they did lots of tests...blood test, urine test, x-ray, spinal tap and they got an iv started (after 3 tries that had to do it in his head) and started giving him some fluids and antibiotics. around this time, a guy was brought into the er by ambulance that was getting cpr. all the er staff had to attend to him for a couple hours trying to save his life. after he was taken to a different department, the staff was available to finish up with us and the other patients. they finished doing the necessary tests on carter and sent us upstairs to be admitted in the pediatric unit. until this time, we kinda thought they'd get carter feeling better and we'd be heading home in a few hours. once we got up to the peds unit and carter's doctor was able to come see him (this is around 9am on saturday) we found out that we'd be staying at the hospital until at least monday. we found out that all the tests had come back negative, but the urine test they let sit for 72 hours to make sure there is no bacteria growing. and in the meantime carter is getting iv antibiotics as a precautionary thing. so i stayed with carter at the hospital and eric and my mom (who came on sunday) took turns visiting us anf taking care of jackson. when the doc came in on monday, he said he'd like us to stay one more day just to be sure. tuesday morning came, (carter's fever had broke sunday evening), and the urine test was negative, so we finally got to go home. it was a scary ordeal, but we're thankful that it ended up just being a virus and that carter is doing wonderfully now.

since we've been back home, winter has officially began and we now have 4 feet of snow!

jackson is getting more used to having carter around. every now and again he'll just stop and watch carter and touch his head and try to hold his's really cute! he's also been giving him kisses. he's going to be a great big brother!
jackson is seeming to grow up right in front of our eyes. he's doing his sign language lots ("more", "all done" and he's starting to do "please"). he's also talking some. he continues to say "daddy" all the time and he's said please, more, baby, and carter (which sounds more like "ca").

so there you have it...kinda long, but an update nontheless.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

carter gregory

carter gregory was born monday, december 1st at 5:51pm. he weighed 6lbs 12 oz and was 19.5 inches long. we’re all doing well and are home trying to get used to life with another member of the family.