Wednesday, January 7, 2009

lots of learning

jackson has been learning so much recently. i mentioned him saying bye and signing please. he's now learned how to blow kisses, say "woof-woof", he says "ooo" when he hurts himself (when it's not too bad to cry), and as he was sliding off the couch this morning i heard him saying "weee". he's so cute!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, get my drift

our area has broken a record for amount of snow fall so far this winter. we've had at least 12 feet of snow fall up at the camp...although there's only about 5 feet on the ground. last year i remember seeing dump trucks hauling away snow from store parking lots because they ran out of room to plow it. i'm sure that'll be happening again this year.
i'm just thankful we decided to trade in our taurus for a 4-wheel drive vehicle. i'd have been stuck at home most of last month.

jackson update

last week jackson learned the sign for "please" and said "bye"...two new things in one week! boy howdy, my boy's smart!

also, i learned why he's been so fussy recently (besides being a bit jealous of his little brother)...he's getting four molars at once. now that we've learned his reason for his behavior, we've given him some tylenol and he's been doing much better.

baby spanish

jackson was over playing with his cousins the other day. at one point the 3 of them were all hanging out around the table talking. lauren (3 years old) said that jackson didn't know how to talk yet to which daniel (5 years old) replied..."yes he does, he just speaks a spanish that no one else can understand."

Thursday, January 1, 2009

1 month

dear carter,
i can't believe it's been a whole month already. your 1st couple weeks of life were pretty rough. you had to go to the doctor's office for the first four days after you were born to get poked in the heal. you were getting jaundice and they wanted to test your billirubin count to make sure it didn't get to a dangerous level. thankfully, buy the 4th day your numbers were down. however, that same night we had to take you to the hospital because you got a fever. they did all kinds of tests on you...poking and prodding and you were such a trooper. you had to be admitted and were there for 4 days. thankfully, you ended up just having a virus and your fever broke and we got to go home.
you also got your 1st hair cut at just 5 days old. the pediatric nurse wanted to shave your head in the spot where she was going to start the iv. she was really cute about it, saving the little bits of hair and taping them to a tongue depressor so i could scrapbook your "1st haircut".
after getting home, life became more normal (whatever "normal" is with 2 little guys under 18 months old!) you do the normal newborn, sleep, and go potty. when you're awake, you seem very alert, with your eyes wide open and taking in all that's going on around you. you're lifting your head quite a bit and trying to figure out what it is your arms and legs are supposed to do.
jackson is getting more used to having you around. although he still gets jealous when i have to feed you or hold you, we know he loves you. when daddy takes him down to bed each night, you are the first one he gives kisses to (even before mommy!) i'm looking forward to watching you guys grow up together and hopefully become great buddies.
during this last month you had your first christmas. you got all kinds of presents (books, toys, clothes) and of course your "my first christmas" pjs from us. you were supposed to have your first road trip to oregon, but we weren't able to go due to all the snow we had (over 5 feet) and all the snow in oregon. instead, we had christmas dinner at your oma and opa's house.
as of yesterday, you weigh 8lbs, 8ozs. so you've gained almost 2 whole pounds and you're beginning to look more like you and less like a newborn. we think you look like your daddy. we're excited to watch you grow and to see more of your personality come through.
we love you!