Monday, October 5, 2009

double digits!

Wow, Carter, you're 10 months old now (and 4 days). What a joy you continue to be to our family. Jackson just can't get enough of you. When you're napping he'll ask over and over, "Carter? Carter? Carter?". When you're up, he loves holding you, laughing with you, playing on the floor with you, and steam rolling over you. We're often saying, "Jackson get off your brother!".
You've perfected the army crawl and have enjoyed the freedom that brings.
Those pesky top teeth have still not made an appearance...hopefully soon. Teething is not a fun part of baby-hood (for you or mom).
Aunt Jennie came for a visit, but you didn't get to spend lots of time with her this time because she and mom did lots of scrapbooking while dad took care of you and Jack.
You had your 1st fat lip last month. Jackson was driving one of his metal tonka trucks around and smashed into your face. You got a small scrath above your eye and one below your nose as well as the fat lip. At first, Jack thought it was funny, but quickly realized you were hurt. He got his truck taken away and after you calmed down he said sorry and gave you kisses. Then all was right with the world again.
Today, while I was feeding you breakfast I was trying to get you to say "ma-ma"...but what did you say instead?..."da-da". Jackson did the same thing. Oh, well. I know one of these days you'll say ma-ma. We love you lots!