Monday, September 14, 2009

getting older

Sorry for slacking on writing this month's letter. You turned 9 months old on September 1st...It's now the 14th! August didn't seem like a super busy month for us, but it sure did fly by. The highlight of the last month was your Tante Bean's (Aunt Elizabeth) wedding. The day started out overcast and rainy, but by picture time the weather was perfect (which was important since the wedding was outside at the camp). I (mom) was in the wedding so Dad had to have you and Jackson by himself...and you both behaved wonderfully!
You continue to move around more and more...we're pretty sure you'll start crawling here soon. You can sit like a champ and you will still eat anything we offer. You've started eating more solid food like puffs and cherrios. One of our favorite things now is to watch you and Jackson both get such a kick out of each other.
At your 9 month check up you weighed 19.1 lbs and were 27.5 inches. Still in the 25th percentile for both. The doctor said he seldom sees such a perfect growth curve...nicely done!
Well, I guess that covers it for this month...hopefully I'll get next month's letter written on time.
We love you lots!
Mom & Dad