Wednesday, August 5, 2009

another month...another blog post

You are now 8 months old and counting. This month you've been rolling over a lot...this becomes a problem when all you want to do is roll and we're trying to change your diaper. You've also been sitting up lots more and have learned that you'd rather ride in the shopping cart than in your car seat. We like Costco because both you and Jackson get to ride in the same guys are so stinkin' cute! Also this month that pesky first tooth pushed it's way through. Followed quickly by tooth #2. You ended the month with a weekend without mommy. I had a fun girl's weekend and you, Jackson and daddy enjoyed a first guy's weekend!
We've introduced you to lots of new food (including peas again) and we're finding you are not a picky eater at all. You continue to giggle lots and have started interacting with Jackson more.
Lots of love to you little munchkin!