Tuesday, May 5, 2009

carter update

dear carter,
i can't believe how fast this month has flown by. with summer camp season just around the corner, i'm sure the next few months will go by just as quickly.
you are such a happy baby. you'll smile at anyone who talks to you...and you have such an adorable smile. i have to mention again that you continue to sleep wonderfully. this month you've mastered the art of falling asleep all by yourself! i love that you and jackson take long afternoon naps at the same time...it gives me time to check my email and catch up on chores around the house or to just sit and relax.
up until a few weeks ago, you slept in your car seat. because you slept so well, i didn't want to move you to the pack-n-play. however, you're getting bigger and starting to move around more, so it was time to move you. thankfully, you had no problem with the transition.
the snow has finally all melted (even though we had a couple days of snow in april). it's been nice having warmer weather.
i thought for sure i'd be saying that you got your 1st tooth. you've been teething something fierce, chomping on anything you can get your hands on. but, alas...no tooth yet.
you've finally grown out of your 3 month clothes. jackson was quite a bit bigger than you at 5 months...which is no big deal except all his summer clothes are way too big for you...i guess that means mommy gets to go shopping!
i can't believe that next time i write you'll be half a year old already...it's almost time to start food!
we love you lots!