Tuesday, May 6, 2008

i still HATE teething!

i thought the night before last was bad...i should've known it'd get worse. even though jackson's 2nd tooth popped through yesterday, he still had an extremely rough night. before we put him to bed i thought i'd take his temp...102.3. poor tyke! we gave him more tylenol (i hate having to give him so much of that) and he slept for 1/2 hour chunks from 7:30pm until 1am. yuck! he slept a little better after that, but not great. and his first nap this morning was a whole 30 minutes. it seems so long ago that i was complaining about how he only took 30-45 minute naps. once he started sleeping better, i didn't think about him reverting to sleeping so poorly. i know that this too shall pass (just in time for him to get more teeth, huh?!)
on a more positive note...i finally got to bake my friendship bread. yummy! i think i'll go have a slice.

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newnormal said...

I know every baby's different, but way to completely freak me out about teething! :)