Wednesday, May 21, 2008

mother's day

i know i'm a little late in blogging about mother's day...better late then never. the friday before mother's day jackson was pretty crabby, so when eric got home from work and could tell i was at the end of my rope, he took jackson downtown for a walk and then took him shopping. they ended up getting food to cook me breakfast and a fantastic card. (both of which i got early...the card i got friday night and breakfast was cooked for me on saturday. eric knew he wouldn't have enough time before church on sunday. i didn't mind getting my gifts early...i'm not good with surprises, especially if i know one's coming.) anyway...the card was the cutest i've ever seen. not necessarily because of what it said, but because eric let jackson hold it in the store to keep him occupied and this is what it looked like when i opened it...

just a little bit chewed on! a special touch from my son!
the inside...i love that eric traced jackson's cute!

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