Friday, May 23, 2008

high waters

because of all the snow we got this winter and the fact that it stayed really cold for so long the snow didn't start melting at a nice slow pace. instead we got super warm temperatures for 3 or 4 days and the snow started melting like crazy. here are some "flood" pictures from lake coeur d'alene.
i guess you don't want to sit on that bench...

this "no jumping" is at the top of about 20 stairs that go into the lake...maybe it'd be okay to jump now
eric liked that this arrow is pointing you right into the flooded lake (and it's under water)
and then there's this guy who decided to drive through the HUGE puddle. this is his 2nd attempt. his 1st attempt caused his truck to stall and it took a couple minutes for him to get it started again. so what does he do?...back up through the puddle and try again. BRILLIANT!

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