Monday, May 5, 2008

i HATE teething!

jackson's 2nd tooth is trying to make an appearance. this one's been worse than the last. very bad sleeping. lots of whining. very bad sleeping. fever. very bad sleeping. i guess the part that's hardest for me is that he's just sleeping so poorly. (you didn't already pick that up did you?) :) and a big problem with that is i'm also a very bad sleeper. if i have to get up to help the boy, it could take me an hour or 2 to get back to sleep. and by then, there's a good chance i'll be getting up again to help the boy. this reminds me of a few months ago when he slept so poorly all the time. i guess i can try to be thankful that i know this is because of a tooth and hopefully after it pops through we'll get a few good nights and days of sleeping before another tooth wants a turn. there's always something...isn't there?!

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