Monday, May 12, 2008

no, no...

so, i was lying on the couch this morning while jackson played contentedly with some toys. (i know i don't need to explain why i was letting jackson play while i was being lazy, but i feel like complaining just a little...i was lying on the couch because i was exhausted. you see jackson decided he would wake up at 3am and stay that way until 4:45am. then, eric's alarm starts going off at 5am, so needless to say i needed to be relaxing on the couch this morning.)
okay, back to the story. while i was sorta paying attention, sorta not i noticed jackson heading toward the bathroom. i said "jackson" in that cute loving way and he looked back with a knowing grin. as soon as i stood up to get him he turned around and darted toward the bathroom door giggling. silly seems as though he's learning right and wrong and wants to push the envelope. i guess we'll have to start using those 2, 2 letter, no!

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