Wednesday, March 5, 2008

where's daddy?

each morning when eric leaves for work, he gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me. and if jackson is up (which is most of the time) he'll give jackson a kiss and tell him he loves him. then, he's out the door and off to work. almost always jackson will watch him leave, then stare at the door for a bit. jackson really loves his daddy...i love that! so, where does daddy go? currently, he's working on condos in downtown coeur d'alene:a close up:

and before that he was working on the new rec center at eastern washington university:he's also worked on condos in sandpoint and the waste water treatment plant in spokane (don't have pictures of those). jackson and i are so thankful for eric's hard work, so that i don't have to work outside of the home. Thanks daddy...we love you, too! xoxo

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