Thursday, March 20, 2008

a little grumpy...

first of all jackson decided that 5am would be a good time to be awake this morning. i tried putting him back to sleep for 45 minutes only to lay him down and have him wake up all happy. so, we get up (not like i hadn't been awake since 3am for no apparent reason). i put him in his exersaucer so i could kind of relax. he was happy. then he coughed and gagged a little. then, he barfed all over the exersaucer. great! he's had a bit of a cold, so i'm hoping he just kinda gagged on something and that he's not getting more sick.
i figured jackson wouldn't be awake long before he was ready for a nap, and i was right. around 6:45 he was back in bed. so, i lay down to try to get some sleep. yeah, right! jackson's not been napping well the last few days and this morning was no exception. i had to help him get back to sleep several times during his 1 1/2 nap. sleep for mommy.
then, i caught a glimpse of something between the blinds so i open them up and sure's SNOWING! IT'S SPRING NOW!!! WHY IS IT SNOWING?!!! not happy about this. (it has since stopped snowing, but i'm still going to complain about it).
i guess that's all that's making me grumpy so far (but it's only 9:30am...i'm sure i'll come up with other things before the day is through).
here's hoping for a better day...or maybe a better attitude! :)

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