Thursday, March 6, 2008

not always a bowl full of cherries

some days are just the today. it started with a diaper blow-out. (yesterday started the same, luckily it was a day far better than today). since jackson's been waking up around 6am, he's ready for a nap around 8. so, he had been fed and was getting sleepy. i did the normal routine-rock him, sing to him, and he falls asleep...but not this morning. i tried and tried and tried and tried and tried some more. then it was time to eat again. so i fed him and tried to get him to sleep. i tried and tried and tried and tried some more. it literally took 4 hours and 15 minutes to get him to sleep! (he wanted to sleep, i'm sure...but just got too tired, i think. he was not a happy camper!) needless to say, there were many tears shed (by the both of us). 20 minutes into his nap, he was crying again. i rocked him again, and he slept for another 20-30 minutes. more crying. more rocking. more crying by me. finally more sleeping. he slept for another 40 minutes. and i actually slept for 1/2 an hour. he woke up and was actually happy for awhile! so i took advantage of the fact he could entertain himself for a bit and made some lunch. there were fish sticks in the freezer...the directions said i could cook them in the microwave. i know, gross...but i was hungry. it was after 2pm and i hadn't eaten since 7am and the microwave way was way faster than the oven. so i pulled out some fish sticks and popped them in the microwave for the amount of time recommended on the box. i hear the microwave beep and open it to find fossilized sticks where my fish sticks were supposed to be. fine, i'll just eat a piece of toast (it's time to go grocery shopping...not a lot of choices). i get my toast and call the car insurance place (our car was hit a couple weeks ago...another story for another time), they're not going to cover some of the rental car costs (it's the other guy's insurance company...the one who hit our car...the one who's fault it is that my car's in the shop and i have to deal with the not-so-wonderful folks at the car rental place). i hung up on the insurance guy. i know...rude, but if he only knew what my day had been like. so, i call the rental car place to talk to the guy that sold me some sort of insurance i didn't need on the rental car (that's what the other guy's insurance isn't paying for). he's busy with another customer. "yes, please have him call me back." no call. an hour later, still no call. 2 hours later...forget it, we're just going to take the rental car back and i'll do without a car for tomorrow. (it's not like we made it out of the house today anyway!) thankfully, by this time, my wonderful husband is home. we took the car back, got jackson more formula, went through the drive through at arby's, and headed home. for the last couple hours nothing bad has happened. eric fed jackson and put him to bed. please, God, help him to sleep well tonight. God knows what i can handle and won't give me more than that, right? so that has to means tomorrow will be a better day!

thanks for listening/reading. now that i've got that off my chest, i can relax and enjoy 'the office' rerun.

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Aj said...

Oh, friend: I understand. I hope that The Office was funny, the insurance people feel incredibly remorseful, and that your hubby dotes on you all weekend long.