Monday, March 24, 2008

what a mess!

jackson used to sleep with a baby positioner to help keep him on his side. recently, we've stopped using it (partly due to the fact that eric read something about it not being safe once babies can roll and partly because we thought he might sleep better if he had more freedom to move). it's been working just fine...and i think he is sleeping better. one problem i've noticed is that because he can move freely, he ends up on his tummy a lot. i'm not worried about him being on his tummy, it's just that it seems to cause his diapers to leak through way more than before. this morning was the worst. i went in to feed him at 5:45am and noticed he was soaking wet. i was hoping he'd go back to sleep after eating, so i didn't want to change him, but i knew i had to. so i kept the lights really dim and began getting him into a dry diaper and pj's. after i got the new diaper on i felt something weird on his tummy. you know how diapers have that stuff in them that turns to some sort of gel-like substance once it gets wet? well it exploded out the top of the diaper and was caked on this tummy! gross!! i was able to get it mostly cleaned off and what was the biggest surprise to me was that after he ate, he went back to sleep with no problem and slept until after 8am!!! we're going to have to figure something out so this doesn't continue to happen. what a mess!

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lauren said...

welcome to my life :) wetting through at naptime is a common occurance for caleb... but he doesn't usually do it at night (probably because we double up on the cloth liners). but anyway, i don't know what type of diaper you use, but we've had luck with huggies for our little tummy sleeper.