Saturday, March 29, 2008

spring snow

in a previous post, i was complaining about the snow we were getting on the 1st day of spring. i guess i spoke too soon. the next day we got even more snow. and today, march 29th, we have at least 6 INCHES. 6 INCHES OF SNOW AT THE END OF MARCH!!!! it's ridiculous!

this is a picture of the snow on the 1st day of spring...the snow on the ground is left over from the winter. so no accumulation this day.
this is a picture from the second day of spring. as you can see we got a good 2-3 inches. luckily it all melted within a day or two.
and here's today. i took this picture about an hour ago and it's still snowing. there's probably an extra inch or two more than you see here! needless to say, i am SO ready for the sun.

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Kindra Joy May said...

You are so funny! We have a foot of snow so far and it is still coming down. I am so tired of this too. Had a good time last night, and again congrats on the new baby!