Tuesday, March 18, 2008

funny gift

there's this convenient store called zip stop near eric's job site that he had begun to get in the habit of visiting often during his lunch break. i balance our check book, so when he'd give me his receipts i'd give him a bad time about spending money at zip stop. we decided it'd be cheaper for us to buy his snacks at the grocery store instead of a convenient store. so for the most part, he stopped going to zip stop. however, every so often i'll get a receipt from him from the store and give him a bad time. the other week, i received just such a receipt and when i said some smart remark to him, he got all excited and said, "I GOT YOU A SURPRISE!" i kinda thought it'd be a candy bar or something. (what else would he get at a convenient store.) a candy bar wouldn't be good enough from my dear husband...this is what i got:

a fake rose wrapped in plastic with a little cardboard heart that says "i love you". and a little teddy bear with a crooked bow tie!! you can't totally appreciate how funny it is without seeing it in real life :) he now has it taped to the computer! i'm so thankful for a husband with such a great sense of humor!

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