Friday, April 11, 2008

so true...

jackson has a few articles of clothing that say "daddy's little helper". and one that says "mommy's little monster". yesterday, i realized that they are so true for my little guy. we had another one of those days. jackson decided he'd do a lot of whining and crying/screaming and not very much sleeping or being pleasant. i won't go into all the details, just know it was NOT a good day for mommy! until daddy got home. jackson LOVES his daddy. i'm very grateful for this. not only because it's cute, but it means eric can give me a break and take care of the boy for awhile when he gets home from work. and i'm especially grateful for this on days like yesterday. eric got home and jackson was all happy and excited to be with his dad. (he did do more whining in the evening, but nothing like all morning). eric fed him, gave him a bath, played with him, and put him to sleep. and unlike my attempts to get him to sleep earlier in the day, he went right to sleep with eric. jackson certainly was "daddy's little helper" and "mommy's little monster" yesterday! thankfully, this morning is already going WAY better.

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