Friday, April 18, 2008

no more dream feed???

1st i'll answer the question some of you may be asking...what's a dream feed? i read about it in a book called secrets of the baby whisperer by tracy hogg. what we do is feed jackson in his sleep (yes, babies can eat while they are asleep) after he's been down for the night for a few hours. the idea is it helps him sleep the rest of the night without waking up to eat. it has worked really well for quite awhile now, and we've been thinking about cutting it out now that he's eating and is definitely old enough to be able to sleep all night without eating. we (by we i mean, eric...he's such a great husband and daddy) would feed jackson around midnight. so, last week, he moved the dream feed to 11:30pm. jackson was still sleeping until 6:30 each morning, so it looked like it was working. eric was going to feed him at 11 last night, but jackson didn't want to eat. he tried for 10-15 minutes to get him to eat, but he just kept turning his head away and wasn't interested. so eric got back in bed and asked me what he should do. i wasn't going to ask him to get up again in another hour (and i certainly didn't want to get up, either!), so we decided to just see what would happen. well, jackson slept until 6:45 this morning! now i know it's only been 1 night, so i should be careful to not get my hopes up...but, maybe he's done with the dream feeds and will sleep all night without eating!

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