Friday, April 11, 2008


last friday we headed to newberg to take part in a surprise birthday party for my sister. (yes, it was also my birthday, but jonah [my bro-in-law] planned this and it was just for her. and, yes, i was okay with that.) since jennie didn't know we were coming, we stayed at my parents house on friday night. on saturday about 20 family members headed to a local restaurant to surprise jennie. she didn't expect a thing and we had a good time eating breakfast and spending time with the family. we wanted to do something special for her and after talking to jonah decided to all chip in to help her get a fence for her back yard. this is something she had told jonah she wanted more than anything else. after breakfast most of us headed to jen's house and let the kids run around and play and the rest of us ate cake and hung out.
eric, jackson and i headed back home the next morning. it was a short trip but well worth it!

what do you we look alike?

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