Sunday, November 2, 2008

pictures...or a lack thereof

one thing that makes me kinda sad about having dial-up internet is that it takes FOREVER to upload pictures. actually the last couple of times i've tried uploading pictures for my blog i've ended up getting an error message and not even being able to get the pictures posted at all. i've realized that i do most of my blogging around pictures i've taken and now that i'll rarely be able to post them (at least from home...which is where i'll be a lot especially after next month when i'll have a newborn and 15 month old to take care of) i'm afraid i won't blog as much.
i'll try to keep it updated (mostly so i don't have to hear it from my sis about not having anything new to read on my blog).
here's some news from last week:
on wednesday i woke up with some pretty bad abdominal pain. i had had similar pain a month or so ago and my doc said it sounded like i had a hernia trying to make itself know. well, after an appointment that afternoon, it was confirmed that i do indeed have a hernia, but due to that fact that i'm pregnant, there is not much that can be done (in less it gets really bad, then they might do surgery...thankfully, we're not to that point yet). anyway, back to wednesday morning...the pain was bad enough that i called eric at work and asked if he'd be able to come home for the day to help with jackson. he's such a great husband! he came right home and after jackson's morning nap took him to the children's museum in spokane. (here's where i'd like to post some cute pictures eric took.) shortly after they left i realized the pain was going away so i took advantage of alone time and got 3 loads of laundry done, did the dishes, vacuumed and cleaned up the living room. now we're just hoping for no more pain during the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy.

after spending most of friday in my pj's i decided i wanted to get out and do something. so i decided we should get jackson a costume and take him to eric's parents and grandparents house. as soon as eric got home from work, we headed to target (i thought they might have their costumes on sale). they did, but there wasn't anything that'd fit jackson. so we headed to fred meyer...same thing there. we decided to try costco and if they didn't have anything, we'd call it off. they did have some costumes and the cow was the perfect choice for our little guy. (again, imagine super cute pictures of my super cute son in a super cute cow costume). i think he had a good time, and i got enough pictures to scrapbook.

yesterday, eric spent most of the day painting our family room. it's pretty big and open, so i felt it was okay for me to help a bit too. he did all the prep work and started all the cutting in (there was lots of this due to the 4 doorways and 2 windows). i did the rolling...which took less than an hour. now we just have to get the 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms done. do you think we can do it before carter's born?!

and now the boys are sleeping and i'm getting to get caught up on all the online happenings.

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