Wednesday, November 5, 2008

bottle be gone

as of late last week, jackson is no longer taking a bottle. he had been having one 3 times a day (before each nap and at bedtime). at his 1 year doc. appointment dr. brian said i should try to get him to just use sippy cups. so i started slowly decreasing the amount of milk he got in each bottle. we got to 2 ounces for each bottle and he seemed to be adjusting just fine. then last tuesday he didn't have his morning nap so he was extra tired when it came time for his afternoon i decided to see if he'd fall asleep without having a bottle at all. i took him to his room, gave him his pacifier, rocked him for a minute and tucked him problem, he was asleep within minutes. over the next few days, we skipped bottles here and there and he continued to have no objections. i have now put the last bottle away and thankfully our little man is still sleeping very well. it was easier than i thought. now, i'll have to start thinking about when we'll want to have the binkie be gone.

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