Saturday, November 29, 2008


throughout my whole pregnancy i said i'd rather not be induced and just wait for baby to come on his own. well, that was when i wasn't 40+ weeks pregnant. i've already been in labor and delivery twice in the last week and a half and have left both times without a baby in my arms. a week and 1/2 ago, i was up all night one night with horrible abdominal pain due to the hernia i have. although they didn't do anything for the hernia pain, they monitored carter and found he was doing okay. i was having regular contractions, but not progressing in any way :( after doing the monitoring of carter and an ultrasound, the doc said he looked good and i should go home and take it easy. thankfully the abdominal pain subsided (after 24 hours) and we just keep waiting.
then, yesterday i had realized i wasn't feeling carter move much, so i layed on my left side, drank some cold juice and counted how many times i felt carter move in 2 hours (this was something doc told me to be doing). in that time i didn't feel him move at all. i wasn't super worried, knowing that this far along, babies aren't moving as much (there's just no room) and that i can't feel all of the smaller movements he makes anyway. i went ahead and called my doc and the birth center at the hospital, and they both said to come in to be monitored for a bit. so, eric and i headed out again. thankfully, my sister's in town so she took care of jackson for us (thanks, jen!). after getting checked in at the hospital, they put the monitors on me and i did a non-stress test. carter passed within 10 minutes...he's doing great! the nurse was reassuring and said i did the right thing to come in, but baby in my arms.
so, all that to say i'm changing my tune about being induced and am scheduled to go in on monday morning. i'm still hoping i go into labor on my own today or tomorrow, but if not i should be leaving the hospital early next week with my precious carter gregory. i can't wait! we'll keep you all updated as soon as possible after he's born. the hospital doesn't have internet (we are in north idaho, you can't expect too much!) so, as soon as we get home we'll send out a post.