Wednesday, October 29, 2008

an update

well, we have internet now. it is dial-up, so i'm not sure if it really counts :) i guess that's one of the bummers about living out of town.
we've been busy these last few weeks. although we're getting closer to being all moved in, we still have some work to do. we want to get the basement painted in the next week and then finish getting stuff unpacked and organized down here. i'm really hoping to get this done before carter arrives (which will be in about 4 weeks, give or take...hopefully take!) we have an amazing view of the lake out here and lots of area to play. jackson's really seeming to enjoy himself out here. he's also started walked lots. he actually very rarely crawls anymore and just recently he's been able to stand up without having to hold on to something. i'm really glad he's getting the hang of will prove to be very helpful when we have another baby that will need to be carried around.
eric's been busy with work and doing stuff around the camp...mostly getting it ready for the winter. we've already had a number of reservation requests (even a group that wants to use it in'll be cold and snowy!)
i was going to post a couple pictures, but alas...the slow internet is making it not possible at this time. i'll try again later (as in tomorrow or next week or some time after i have forgotten how miserable dial up is)