Saturday, July 26, 2008

last week

jackson and i just got back from a week in my hometown, newberg. we were there for our denomination's annual gathering of churches in the northwest (NWYM). we were also there to see family. we stayed at my sister's house which was really fun. micah and kiah (my nephew and niece) seemed to have lots of fun playing with jackson and jackson definitely had fun playing with them. unfortunately it's a pretty busy week for most of my family (seems like they're all involved in one way or another with yearly meeting) so i didn't get to spend much time with most of them. but we had a good time anyway. i think i have a few cute pictures that i haven't gotten off my camera yet...i'll try to do that in the near future.
while we were gone, eric was at home. although he worked all week, he stayed up late and got up early to completely redo our bathroom! he put in a new window and tub surround, as well as new paint, new flooring and all new towel bars, etc. it looks great. i'll try to also post pictures of it soon, too.
also while we were gone eric got our camp trailer set up so that it can be used as a guest house. he got it hooked up the the septic and electric. we're really excited about it because our house is so small (i mean just over 700 sq feet) so it'll be nice to have space for family and friends to stay when they come visit.
and one last thing. jackson's 3rd tooth finally broke through on thursday. i'm excited for him to get more teeth so he'll be able to eat more big people food. he always wants to eat what we're eating, but is not able to always. so hopefully, he'll get more teeth sooner than later. and this time it didn't seem to bug him nearly as much as when he got his 1st two teeth. he slept well and didn't seem to get very grumpy or anything...hopefully that will continue as he gets more teeth!

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