Friday, July 18, 2008


we went to california last weekend for eric's grandma's funeral. although it was a bummer to have to go for that reason, it was really good to see eric's grandpa and other extended family. grandma's service was...nice? not sure what word to use there. it was a wonderful time for her family and friends (lots of them) to honor her life. her 2 sons and a niece that lived with them for a number of years when they were young each shared. they told funny stories and serious stories and made me wish i knew her better.

we were also able to have some fun while we were there and i'm sure grandma was just fine with that!

jackson with his uncle dan on the plane

jackson's 1st time in a pool...he wasn't too fond of it :)

jackson with his great-grandpa, jack (who he was named after)

jackson's 1st time at the beach

a pretty sunset right out front of grandpa's house

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