Sunday, July 27, 2008

lots of movement

baby #2 (sorry little man, daddy hasn't given the final okay of the name i want for until then, you'll be baby #2. please don't think that we think you're 2nd best or 2nd rate or anything negative like that. it's just that you're our 2nd baby and we'll love you to pieces like we do your brother)...back to the story. baby #2 has been moving lots these days. i felt him move for the 1st time quite some time ago, but he's been getting more and more active recently and that's fun for me. it also makes it more real that in less than 4 months we'll have another itsy-bitsy baby boy.
why is it that everyone is calling us crazy for having our little guys so close together? i'm sure i'll find out! but eric and his sister are less than a year apart and my sister and i are less than 25 minutes apart for goodness sakes...i'm sure we'll be able to handle it.
we're learning more and more about jackson's personality and have discovered how much he likes other babies and kids. i think he's going to love having a brother (although he may get fairly bored with him at first). and it's not like it was some accident that we got pregnant again so quickly...we are aware how babies are created! maybe that makes us more you're thinking, "you mean you planned for this to happen?" to that i say, "yes!" so, now i'll stop defending myself and you can just look forward to hearing all kinds of crazy stories coming from the woods' household in the future!

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Christiana said...

i think having them that close is great! caleb and connor aren't quite that close, but i attribute caleb's love and protectivness over his brother to the fact that they are so close in age :) jackson's going to love his baby brother!