Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what's been going on...

i keep getting online and wanting to blog about something, but it seems like there haven't been too many exciting things going on in our lives right now. i decided i'd update you all on all the not-super-exciting-things that we've been up to.
carter and jackson have both been sick for over a week now. carter seems like he's just about better, but jackson is still coughing a lot. i feel bad for them, but also fortunate that this is the first time they've been sick in quite awhile.
a few weeks ago we transitioned jackson from his crib to a "big boy" bed. we're happy to report this has been an easy move for all involved. moving jackson out of the crib also means that carter finally gets to move from the pack-n-play he's been sleeping in. he really seems to enjoy the extra room (and more comfortable mattress). the next transition will be moving carter into jackson's room. i like that they both sleep so well, and i'm nervous about upsetting that by having them share a room. since we have another little one on the way, it's something that we're going to have to do eventually. we're thinking about having all 3 boys share a room, then they'll have a separate room that's just for playing in (and it'll be our guest room).
eric has been busy remodeling the bath house here at camp. it was in desperate need of an update, and i'm sure the work he's putting into it will be well received by our campers this summer.
pregnancy #3 has been going fairly well for me. so far, my midwife says everything looks as it should...which is always nice to hear. it does look like the hernia i got while pregnant with carter is showing up again. so far i've had minimal pain from that, and i'm just really trying not to lift too much (including our kiddos...unfortunately carter's not walking well enough to not be carried some, but i'm doing the best i can). hopefully, this will be my only "complication". also, we're pretty sure we've settled on a name for him and we're also pretty sure we're going to keep it a secret (until he's born, of course). when we decide for sure on his name, we'll make the final decision on whether or not we're going to tell people before the birth, but until then, mums the word. (is that the correct expression???)
like i said, not too exciting...

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