Monday, February 15, 2010

walking (and other stuff)

carter took his 1st step on January 26th and since then he's been gaining more confidence in his "walking". he's walked across the living room a number of times now (probably 10-15 steps). he definitely prefers crawling still, but i'm not worried that he'll be walking well by the time his little brother is born.
in other news:
*carter got 2 new teeth last week, making a grand total of 6! his little teeth take so long to come through, that we're always glad when they finally do.
*jackson has enjoyed playing outside A LOT these days. we've been fortunate to have a mild winter this year, so he has been able to enjoy the back deck quite a bit.

(i have some cute pictures that i tried to upload, but my internet connection is too slow...i will try to upload them on facebook)

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