Friday, February 19, 2010

A few days ago I mentioned that Carter got 2 new teeth, but I lied. The 2 new ones I was talking about were the top two next to each of the top front teeth. I thought it was a little strange that the top ones came in before the bottom ones (but maybe that's how it usually goes, I can't remember.). Anyway, I was feeling around in his mouth to see if the bottom ones felt like they might come through and I felt something towards the back of his mouth...could it really be a molar already? Sure enough, he has 3 of his one-year molars. I had NO idea he was getting those sure does explain the extra fussiness we've been experiencing. Now, is it me, or do babies usually get more of their regular, front teeth before molars? I can't remember how Jackson's came in. Anyway, I'm glad he has them, it'll make it a lot easier for him to eat all kinds of food.

P.S. Side note: Why does Jackson call me daddy a lot? I'll tell him I'm not daddy and then he'll say mommy...what's up with that?


Laura said...

I have a friend whose son called them both mommy and both daddy - it was mommy when he was upset and needed comforting, and daddy when he was happy and giggly. Didn't matter which parent responded. He obviously associated the word with the emotion rather than the person.

lauren said...

You stop calling him "Carter" and he will sto calling you "Daddy"

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