Monday, March 2, 2009

getting along

jackson wasn't exactly very fond of carter when we first brought him home. when i was changing carter's diaper, he'd wedge himself between be and the pack and play (there's a little changing table on it) and try to push me away from him. when i would feed carter, he'd come whine and pull on me or bring a book that he wanted me to read to him RIGHT NOW. sometimes he'd hear carter crying before i did and he'd come running to me and start fussing out of the blue. i realized he knew i'd be going to get carter and he wanted to be held instead. it was hard...i was always feeling like a sucky mom to at least one of the boys if not both.
thankfully, things have started to turn around. recently jackson will want to help hold the bottle when i feed carter. he no longer wedges himself between me and the pack and play while i try to change carter. and this last week he's been wanting to hold carter. it's so cute...except that he wants to carry him around and when i try to explain that carter's too big for him to carry around, he gets really upset. we're trying to teach him to sit down and hold carter on his lap.
one of the only issues now is that jackson doesn't get a binky anymore except for in his crib and in the car. carter, on the other hand, gets one all day. jackson's gotten a little sneaky and trys to snatch carter's binky. every now and then i'll give in and let jackson have it for awhile, but i'm finding he's getting to where he expects in now. i guess it's time to get more strict about it...i'll have to be the bad guy again.