Sunday, March 1, 2009

carter's three months old!

well my little c-man,
i'm not surprised that you're already 3 months old, but it sure is flying by.
we started out the month with a road trip to aunt jennie and uncle jonah's in newberg. i drove with you and your brother and we stayed for nearly 2 weeks. it was nice for me to have your aunt jennie's help for a little bit.
you are still sleeping wonderfully at night...10.5 hours on average. and usually you'll eat and go back to sleep for another hour or 2! it is soooo nice for us to get a regular night's sleep.
in the last couple days you've started sucking on your fingers quite a bit. i can always tell when you're doing it because you make a loud slurping sound.
we got jackson's excersaucer out a couple weeks ago and you really enjoy sitting in it. you'll sit in it for quite awhile and talk to the toys.
you've been smiling and talking a lot. you'll really get talking if someone talks to's super cute!
you've been getting more used to being in the nursery during bible study. and today was your first time in the nursery during church and we were told you did well.
we're looking forward to what this next month holds.
we love you lots!

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