Tuesday, February 10, 2009


today i'm thankful that i have boys that sleep well. jackson is a pro in the sleeping department and carter does quite well for a 10 week old. they are both sleeping right now...and have been for the last 2 hours. (and i'm thinking i'll get another hour out of them both!) i love when it works out that they're sleeping at the same time.
i was looking back over my blog and remembering that when jackson was carter's age he wouldn't take a nap for more than 40 minutes...and night time was a nightmare. carter will usually take at least one 2-3 hours nap each day and has been sleeping 8-9 hours at night and back for another 3-4 after getting changed and fed.
jackson now takes a 3 hour nap each afternoon (and sometimes an hour nap in the morning) and has slept 12-13 hours each night since he was about 9 months old...he goes down between 6 and 7 and doesn't usually wake up until 7am!
it's definitely been a challenge have 2 kiddos...but today i'm going to focus on the positives...and having babies that sleep is a postive for sure!

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