Friday, April 3, 2009

carter's 4 months old

you're 4 months old now (and 2 days). you turned 4 months on your uncle matt's birthday. it also happened to be april fool's day. don't worry, we didn't play any jokes on you. you did, however, have to get shots at your doctor's appointment...which you weren't too thrilled about. the doctor said you're growing just like you should. you're in the 25th percentile for everything...height, weight and head circumference. very well proportioned.
you got your first cold this month. i'm actually surprised you made it 4 months without getting sick. you've dealt with it quite well and even with being sick, you're still sleeping at least 10 hours at night. you've continued sucking on your fingers and actually do that a lot. it's cute, you mostly suck on the 1st two fingers on your left hand and you use your right hand to help hold them in. you've also rolled over 3 or 4 times...from your tummy to your back. we don't put you on the floor as much as we did with jackson because he's still learning to be careful not to run right over you when you're on the floor. thankfully, you like sitting in the exersaucer and bouncy seat. you've even started grabbing toys and you mostly try to chew on them.
you're a pretty content boy and usually only get really fussy if you're extra tired.
your aunt jennie and cousins (micah and kiah) came for a visit during their spring break. it was fun to have company and they liked getting to see you and jackson again.
we enjoy watching you and seeing your personality start to develop. it's also fun to watch you and jackson start to interact more. he likes to hold you and share his snacks and sippy cup with you. i have to keep telling him that you're not quite old enough yet. (we'll see if he still wants to share when you are old enough!)
we've continued to get more snow even though the calendar says it's now spring. thankfully, it usually melts the same day it snows, but it'll sure be nice to have warmer weather.
hopefully when i write next month there will be no mention of more snow!
lots of love,
mom and dad

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