Monday, September 22, 2008

we're moving

we applied for and got the job as camp manager/caretaker at twin lakes friends camp. what we'll be doing is living at the camp, doing general maintenance, taking care of rentals, and being involved with hiring and training the summer staff as well as the 6 weeks of camp each summer. it's not winterized, so at this point there won't be any rentals during the winter time...this will allow us time to not only take a break, but get things ready for the next season. after we move (which will be in the next couple weeks) we'll put our house on the market and pray that the right people come along to buy it. we are provided housing at the camp so that will be nice (and it's at least twice as big as our 720 sq ft house we're now it!) i'm sure there's more i could tell you, but can't think of it at this point. i'll try to get eric to write a blog so you can hear/read about our new adventure from his perspective.

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