Monday, September 15, 2008

jackson's party

we had jackson's birthday party on saturday at my in-laws house. we invited family to join in the celebration (including my sister and her 2 kids from newberg. she makes great cakes and i really wanted her to make jackson's 1st cake. thanks for making the long, quick trip!) we had a little bit to eat, jackson opened presents (with his dad's help of course) and we had cake. i think jackson's favorite parts where playing with his cousins and his new tractor. here are some pictures:
jen decorating the cake
opening the presents (with help from the cousins)
he wasn't sure what he thought of the birthday hat
one of his new toys...thanks oma and opa, he loves it!
eating his cake...that's about all he ate, too! (cute cake, huh?)
same cake grandma made for me on my 1st birthday
jackson with all his birthday guests.

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