Friday, September 12, 2008

jackson's 1st birthday

we didn't do too much on jackson's actual birthday because we're going to have his party tomorrow. we did make sure to celebrate the day a little, though. the day started with jackson giving me a present by sleeping in until 8am (an hour later than normal). after breakfast, we went to the middle school where i used to work to say hi to the other secretaries. we've visited them about once a month over the last year, so i thought it'd be fun to stop by on his birthday. of course he gets lots of attention from "his ladies". after that, we stopped by the store and i got him a happy face balloon. he played with it a lot that afternoon and is still playing with it quite a bit 2 days later. when eric got home from work he took jackson to dairy queen and they shared a hot fudge sundae and then they went to the book store where jackson picked out a fun noah's ark book. although i'm sure he didn't realize it was his birthday, he had a good day and we're looking forward to celebrating again with the extended family. here are some pictures of his day:
good morning birthday boy!
trying to figure out how to get his balloon in his cardboard house
dairy queen!!! cream

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