Saturday, July 4, 2009

it is time for my montly blog post...

carter, you are now just over 7 months old! there has been lots of activity here at the camp. we've had staff training, a work week for our summer staffers, and sr. high camp. you've been around for parts of all of those things...and of course everyone loves to see you.
as i was thinking about what i wanted to tell you this month, i just kept thinking about the bond you and jackson have been forming. it warms my heart to see the two of you smile and laugh at each other. and i've been known to get a little teary-eyed when i'm holding you and jackson comes over and insists that he get a turn. he enjoys letting you sit on his lap and the two of you just giggle and's so precious! our prayer is that you guys will continue to grow close and be great friends!
development wise, you've mastered the art of blowing get soaking wet, and it's quite entertaining. the last few days you've been saying "da-da-da" a ton (which of course your daddy loves to hear!) we've been trying to provide more floor time so you can practice rolling more, but you haven't quite gotten all the over from your back to your tummy yet.
we're still trying some different foods with you, but pears and sweet potatoes are still your favorites.
we also had a dedication service for you at church. we want to let you know that with the help of our family, church family and friends we will show you the love of God. we want you to grow up knowing that God loves you and we want you to love God. it was special that some of your extended family was able to be there.
carter, you are such a delight!
love, mom and dad
(pastor bob praying with carter)

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