Thursday, June 11, 2009

oh my precious carter,
i'm a little over a week late, but happy half birthday. this is our 1st summer working at twin lakes friends camp and as expected, we've been very busy (that's my attempt at an excuse about being late with your 6 month letter...i'm sure you'll forgive me!).
you continue to be a happy, laid-back baby. and we continue to enjoy watching you grow and seeing your personality develop. if you have something to chew on, you're perfectly content (well...most the time). i thought for sure i'd be reporting that a new tooth made an appearance, but it's still playing hide and seek.
the biggest highlight of this last month was going to the coast for our every-other-year mardock family reunion. we had beautiful weather the whole time we were rain and even very few clouds. that doesn't happen too often on the oregon coast. it was fun to see family and you did great the whole time...even sharing a room with your brother and parents.
you're growing as you should (taller more than chubbier). last month you were 25 percentile for height and weight and this month you were 45 percentile for height while you remained 25th for weight. when the doctor asked if you were rolling over from your back to tummy yet and had to tell him we weren't sure if you could. i think i mentioned before that we don't put you on the ground much due to a very active older brother in the house. so far you haven't gotten stepped on or sat upon, just the occasional toy car driven into the top of your head!
we noticed that you seem to like holding a blanket while you sleep so i got you a nice, little, soft one that's also a teddy bear and you snuggle with him during your naps and at night.
another new thing this month was the introduction to food! you have liked the sweet potatoes, tolerated the prunes and rice cereal and avocados, and you very much disliked the peas. jackson likes to watch you eat and he always wants to try a bite.
you are such a fun baby...we love you!
mom & dad
at the tillamook cheese factory (suckin' away on those 2 favorite fingers)

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