Saturday, August 9, 2008

family fun night

last sunday evening we had family fun night at eric's oma and opa's. here are some cute pictures:
jackson with his opa
our niece, lauren, looking at pictures with her great oma & opa
eric's brother and sister with our nephew, daniel
aren't we cute?! me and my mom-in-law
jackson with his cousin, paige

our brother-in-law, darrin, with his daughter


Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I read your blog not only for information about you- but for pictures of Paige! :)

Oh, love the name Carter. Our music pastor has a Carter and a Jackson- since that funny!

Also, it's been interesting to learn that babies sleep better when they have more sleep. Especially since too much sleep for us usually means not sleeping as well later. It doesn't make sense sometimes when Isabelle takes a nap a couple hours before bedtime, but it seems to work!

Anonymous said...

I too enjoy reading your blog, but have to admit that I also know that you might post pictures of my grandkids from time to time. Thanks so much! The kids are growing up, especially Paige.