Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1st haircut

last saturday jackson had his first haircut. he didn't have lots of hair to be cut, but our main purpose was to get rid of his baby mullet. after he was born he lost all of his hair except this little strip in the back that looked like a little mullet (or a mustache). and as his hair started growing back his mullet just kept growing longer. it got to the point that we couldn't handle it anymore...so we took him to a kids' haircutting place. he got to sit on a purple and white zebra, watch a baby einstein video, play with toys and have a sucker! with all these distractions he did really well. i was surprised at what a difference it made. he's lookin' sharp now! they even gave us a little certificate with a bit of his hair commemorating his 1st haircut!
before...you can kinda see his baby mullet in this picture
playing with toys on the purple & white zebra
he even sat really still while she used the clippers...the sucker helped, i'm sure!
no more mullet!

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