Wednesday, June 18, 2008

we miss grammy and papa

now don't get me wrong, we're glad to be back home and especially glad to be with eric/daddy. but we miss grammy and papa while eric's at work. it was really nice for jackson and i to have someone else to share the day with. my mom and step-dad were great. they really helped keeping him happy and entertained (it's quite a bit of work these days). papa was always good at calming jackson when he got fussy. one day, dick (papa) got down on the floor with jackson and they played for quite awhile together. i wanted to get some pictures, but didn't want to interrupt their fun. it was also nice to be able to eat a meal in peace. mom and dick would play with jackson so i got to eat while my food was still warm! jackson's not much of a cuddle bug (he likes to be moving about too much), but grammy seemed to always be able to calm him down and get a little cuddling in.
thanks for a fun week grammy and papa...we'll be back soon!

on another note...i had mentioned that jackson slept great while in seattle (including sleeping through the night all but one night), but that he didn't seem to continue that when we got home. well, i'm happy to report that the last 2 nights were pretty good. he made it through without needing a bottle and last night eric had to get up just once to cover him up and slide him down in the crib (he tends to scoot up and then he keeps bonking his head).

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