Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a jackson update

it seems like it's been awhile since i've posted about what jackson's doing. he's still sleeping quite well at night. we no longer have to feed him during the night, but we're still having issues with runaway pacifiers. they fall through the slats in the crib then he wakes up and wants it. so, we're still having to get up a couple times each night to give him his pacifier, but that will soon be taken care of (hopefully) with the bumper i ordered. i rarely get pictures of him sleeping, because i wouldn't want to risk waking up a sleeping baby. this one was from sunday when we had to wake him up a little early to get to church. i like how his arm is resting on his back.

one of jackson's new favorite things is to stand at the screen door and watch the world got by. he looks like such a big boy.

another cute thing jackson does is bury his face in his stuffed animals and make an "oooo" sound. he also does this on pillows the couch my knee...whatever he can shove his face against.

i've mentioned before how great of a dad eric is. it seems like he and jackson are growing closer and closer...jackson's definitely a daddy's boy. when eric gets home from work, jackson'll hear him at the door and stop whatever he's doing to crawl as fast as he can to meet his daddy. it reminds me of dino greeting fred flinstone when he gets home from work. this is a picture of eric and jackson playing with the gate between them. eric will reach through and tickle jackson and play peek-a-boo. jackson gets such a kick out of it.

some other things jackson's learning: he's starting to walk along furniture and around the outside of his exersaucer. and i think he's learning how to wave. usually while he's eating he'll start opening and closing his hand and just watch it like he's amazed he's doing's really cute. and a couple of times he has waved back to eric and i. it's weird to think that i may be soon blogging about him taking his first steps and saying his first real words...time flies!

*on another note, we have an ultrasound today and will hopefully find out if jackson's going to have a brother or a sister!

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