Friday, January 4, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things

janell's list:

*cuddling quietly with jackson right after he wakes up from naps

*4pm...when eric gets home from work (especially fridays!)

*24 different colors of sharpies

*jackson's giggles

*how eric gags when he has to change a poopy diaper

*micro-fleece soft and cozy

*an empty, clean kitchen sink

*good nursery workers at church


*new pj's

*how jackson talks to the toys hanging from his carseat

*my friend, lauren

*the smell of a newly bathed baby

eric's list:

- costco
- American made tools
- fresh snow
- long, uninterrupted naps
- finishing a project
- "new" smell
- gift cards
- "showing up" a journeyman at work
- my boot dryer
- Little House on the Prairie books
- Harry Potter books
- Janell getting up at night with Jackson during the week
- 4th of July camping with the Dave Hampton clan
- the smell of sawdust

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