Friday, December 14, 2007

he did it!

jackson just took a 2 hour nap in his crib! i did have to help him get back to sleep after 45 minutes, but then he kept on sleeping. my friend, lauren, said she heard that a baby's sleep cycle is about 40 minutes so maybe jackson was waking up after the 1st cycle but wasn't able to get himself back to sleep. this makes sense, especially since we still rock (or rather rock/bounce gently on our exercise ball) him to sleep for his naps and at night. also, aj mentioned the same thing about a baby's sleep cycle being 40-ish minutes and that maybe i should go in as soon as i hear him stirring and try to comfort him back to sleep. so, that's what i did...i just had to pat his back for a few minutes and wah-lah, back to sleep with my baby. i didn't even have to pick him up. hopefully i'll be able to continue to have the patience to help him get back to sleep if he wakes up during his naps until he can do it on his own.


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lauren said...

woo-hoo!!!! hooray for sleeping in cribs... hooray for longer naps... hooray for babies!!