Saturday, December 1, 2007

going to costco

we're going to costco because eric wants to get "the dangerous book for boys" to begin planning awesome things for jackson and him to do when jackson gets a bit older.
we'll also pick up some chicken and kirkland brand sport drink. we love costco and can hardly wait to get out of the house. just got to get showered and wait for jackson to wake up.



Aj Schwanz said...

I'm your first commenter! Woo-hoo!

The Dangerous Book for Boys is *great*! So is the one for girls: so much fun! I love wandering Costco, but it's dangerous: things tend to jump into the cart. :)

Amy said...

We got that book for our friend's first birthday- we were having so much fun looking through it before we bought it that even if we never have a boy we may just buy it.
they are FINALLY building a Costco in town and I can't wait for them to finish it.
Hurray for your blog!

familymann said...

Vanessa has "The Most Daring Book for Girls!" We LOOOOVE it!