Friday, April 2, 2010

what's in a name?

we've decided on a name for our baby boy. we are going to name him after my dad...david. and here's why:
the other day i was rolling up a sleeping bag and i had to get it really tight so it would fit into the bag it came with. i had no problem getting it to fit, because many years ago my dad taught me how to properly roll up a sleeping bag. that got me to thinking about other things my dad has taught me.
he taught me how to open a box of cereal. don't you hate it when it doesn't pour out of the bag correctly and you end up with cereal floating around in the bottom of the box? well, that doesn't happen at my home...i know how to open it right! when i was learning to drive, i remember him saying, "if you're going to pull out in front of a car like better step on it." that's come in handy a time or two. the first time he took my brother, sister and i backpacking, he quickly figured out that jen and i didn't know how to pee in the woods. he gave us great tips and i've never had any issues since. he's taught me to finish what i start, to work hard, to be honest, and many, many other important life lessons.
but the most important thing my dad has taught me (and continues to) is the unconditional love of my father in heaven. dad has been the biggest example in my life of this truth. through thick and thin, dad has accepted me and loved me for me. he's always been available to listen to my joys and sorrows. he always has just the right advice for anything i'm dealing with...even if it's hard for me to hear. he's able to be honest and share truth in love.
dad, i have never once doubted that you love my unconditionally...thank you for being such an awesome example of how God loves me. my prayer is that our little david will possess your love for God, his family and those around him.

we're looking forward to the end of may when we'll get to meet our david michael!


Erin said...

Such a beautiful reason for a name!!! <3

Tessa said...

I second what Erin said! Just beautiful.

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